Traditionally, scientific research in biology, medicine, as well as ecology is based on methods of observation and experiments. This does not allow us to determine the actual processes occurring in living organisms and their patterns, but only to make certain assumptions.

As a result, the definition of life, the function of homeostasis, biorhythms and others still do not have an unambiguous understanding, and the solution of problems is carried out through numerous experiments, often not leading to concrete results.

This paper analyzes the functioning of living organisms from the perspective of modern physics, or rather nonequilibrium thermodynamics, which is the engine of the entire material world around us. The result of this analysis was the determination of the nature and regularities of all the main processes occurring in living organisms, the functions and properties of their organs and systems, cause-and-effect relationships. This will make it possible to solve urgent problems in the field of biology, medicine and ecology more effectively.


Photo by Krzysztof Niewolny on Unsplash

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